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For the first time in Azerbaijan: Oxford Business College

For the first time in Azerbaijan: Oxford Business College

Want to know more about the education in the United Kingdom and scholarship opportunities? Interested in deadlines and application process? 
Join us on March 3 at 2pm in the Eurasia Education Center (1A, Mehdi Huseyn Street), established under the auspices of the International Eurasia Press Fund, which is an international organization in General Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. 

For the first time in Azerbaijan - Oxford Business College, founded in 1985, which is an independent educational institution with a broad range of business programs at different levels.

Representative from the admissions committee and the director will tell about each course that meets the needs of a modern student,with flexible dates for starting the training during the year and competitive prices. 

You will discover how to speed up your educational path and get your degree in just two years*, (as the British students do) instead of 3+ years for international students, which will save time and money.

Eurasia Education Center offers a wide range of foreign language courses and actively cooperates with a number of prestigious international universities, colleges and institutes from all around the world, such as in the USA, Poland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hungary, Russia, etc., while offering students the opportunity for studying abroad. EEC the first and the only institution in Azerbaijan, which received the status of the European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages (ECL) Exam Centre, on the basis of which the student can first attend the preparatory courses and then receive an international language certificate after successfully passing an examination.

For more information please contact with EEC: 
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